Kingston District Council, South East, South Australia

Boat Ramp





Unfortunately, Kingston’s Maria Creek Channel has experienced significant seagrass inflows this winter season.  This has produced a sustained blockage of the channel causing back flooding of Maria Creek and the lengthy closure of the Boat Ramp Facility.  Over the past number of weeks, Kingston District Council has been working hard to try and secure EPA approval to allow dredging of Maria Creek.  Despite Council’s best efforts approval has still not been secured.  As a result, Council is unable to clear the Maria Creek channel means the Kingston Boat Ramp Facility will remain closed.    

The Cape Jaffa Boat Ramp Facility is fully open to Recreational Fishers. 


The Kingston District Council offers two boat ramps, located at Kingston & Cape Jaffa.

 Launch Permits are valid for both boat ramps.

   * Daily Launch Permit Fee - $9.60 inc GST
   * Weekly Launch Permit Fee - $25.70 inc GST
   * Monthly Launch Permit Fee - $43.90 inc GST
   * Annual Launch Permit Fee - $96.30 inc GST

Permits are available from:

   * Council Office
   * Lacepede Seafoods
   * Caltex Roadhouse
   * Swampy's Marine & Tackle
   * Cape Jaffa Caravan Park

Conditions of use:

   1. The Annual Permit is valid for twelve months from the date of issue.
   2. The permit fee is determined by the Kingston District Council.
   3. The permit must be displayed on boat trailer or car dash-board at all times while launching and retrieving boats at the boat ramp facilities.
   4. Permits must be provided to Council authorised officers on request.
   5. Launching and Retrieving of boats is at the owner's risk.