Kingston District Council, South East, South Australia

Dog Amnesty Period - March 2019


Over the past months, council has noticed an increase in non-compliance issues including an increased number of dogs wandering at large, unregistered dogs and dog attacks.  This had sparked an education campaign to remind all dog owners of their responsibilities, improve public awareness and increase compliance with the By-laws and the Act.  The public awareness campaign has included a series of posts on council’s Facebook page, improved information on council’s website, articles in the Coastal Leader and will also include a period of ‘amnesty’.

The period of ‘amnesty’ will be in place for the month of March 2019.  During this time:

  • community members will be able to register an unregistered dog, no questions asked and without occurring fines,
  • those who have more than 2 dogs at their property are encouraged to apply for a permit to keep more than the prescribed number of dogs, and
  • dog owners found walking their dogs off the leash in areas which do not permit this activity, will be provided with warning only.

At the conclusion of this period of amnesty, council will ramp up enforcement activities and will begin to issue fines for non-compliance with dog ownership responsibilities.  It should be noted that fines have recently increased significantly under the Act.  To provide an example, the fine for an unregistered dog is now $170.00.

It is hoped this approach will increase the level of compliance and continue to ensure our public spaces are safe and enjoyable for all members of the community.

Should you have any questions regarding the responsibilities of dog ownership or the period of amnesty, please contact the council office on 8767 2033.