Kingston District Council, South East, South Australia

Cape Jaffa Boat Ramp Facility - CLOSED

The Cape Jaffa Boat Ramp Facility remains CLOSED to all recreational fishers. Updates on the progress of the facility will be posted below.



17 Decemebr 2018
This morning Mayor Kay Rasheed had a first-hand look at the dredge's progress within the Cape Jaffa Anchorage Marina.  Mayor Rasheed said, "the dredge is progressing very well and the facility is expected to be open shortly to both commercial and recreational fishers".  Mayor Rasheed will provide an update on the re-opening within the next 48 hours.



8 November 2018
Cape Jaffa Anchorage Marina
Dredging at Cape Jaffa is ongoing with the dredge now working within the main internal channel.  Progress has been very slow due to the significant amount of material however the dredge is moving forward each day.  In terms of timeframes, it is anticipated at this point that the Marina is unlikely to be open before the end of November.  Council will continue to keep you up to date.